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SB - Short Beanie

  • $15.00 / Dozen
Solid Color
Head Grey
Head Grey
500 in stock available.
Dozen price = 12 pieces per color, size and style

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A knit short beanie is a style of hat that combines the warmth and comfort of a traditional beanie with a shorter length. Here's a detailed description:

  1. Material:

    • Typically made of knit fabric, which can include various materials such as acrylic, wool, or a blend of fibers. Knit beanies are chosen for their softness, warmth, and stretchability.
  2. Short Length:

    • The defining feature of a knit short beanie is its shorter length compared to standard beanies. It usually sits higher on the head, covering the ears and providing a snug fit without extending too far down.
  3. Style:

    • The short beanie often follows a classic beanie silhouette with a rounded crown, but it is designed to have a more compact and tailored appearance due to its shorter length.
  4. Versatility:

    • Suitable for various occasions and can be worn in different seasons. The short beanie is versatile enough to complement casual, sporty, or even semi-formal styles.
  5. Ribbed or Textured Pattern:

    • Many knit short beanies feature a ribbed or textured pattern, adding a touch of detail to the hat and enhancing its stretchability.
  6. Branding or Embellishments:

    • Some short beanies may include brand logos, patches, or other embellishments, adding a personalized or branded element to the hat.
  7. Colors:

    • Available in a wide range of colors to suit individual preferences and styles. Neutral tones, vibrant hues, and patterns are common options.
  8. Comfort:

    • Knit fabric provides a comfortable and soft feel on the head. The shorter length allows for easy wear without excessive fabric bunching.
  9. Ease of Styling:

    • The short beanie is easy to style and pairs well with various outfits, including casual wear like jeans and a T-shirt or a sporty ensemble.
    1. Unisex Design:

      • Short beanies are often designed to be unisex, suitable for wearers of all genders. The versatile and classic design appeals to a broad audience.
    2. Seasonal Wear:

      • While suitable for colder seasons, the shorter length of the beanie makes it adaptable for milder weather, providing a stylish option year-round.
    3. Packability:

      • The shorter length contributes to the hat's packability, making it easy to carry in a bag or pocket when not in use.

    A knit short beanie offers a modern and tailored twist to the classic beanie style, providing a comfortable and stylish option for those who prefer a more compact and versatile headwear choice.