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6TFTM - Solid Hat

  • $30.00 / Dozen
Heather grey
Heather grey
Dozen price = 12 pieces per color, size and style

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Minimum Order Qty : ONE DOZEN 


A 6-panel trucker mesh hat is a type of cap that typically consists of five distinct panels on the front portion of the hat. These panels are usually made of different pieces of fabric stitched together. The back part of the hat is made of mesh material, allowing for breathability and ventilation. Trucker hats are known for their casual and relaxed style, and they often feature a curved brim.

The mesh on the back of the hat serves a functional purpose by promoting airflow, making it a popular choice for outdoor activities, particularly in warmer weather. The design is commonly associated with truckers, hence the name "trucker hat," but it has become a popular fashion accessory for a broader audience.

These hats are often used for promotional purposes, with companies customizing them with logos or branding. They come in various colors, patterns, and materials, allowing for a wide range of style options.


  • The hat is constructed with SIX separate fabric panels on the front, contributing to its unique and modern look.
  • A single, unbroken brim provides a classic and casual appearance.
  • The back portion of the hat features mesh material, enhancing breathability and ventilation.


  • The front panels are typically made of tTencel of materials, providing a comfortable fit.
  • The back panels consist of mesh material, often nylon or polyester mesh, allowing air circulation to keep the head cool.


  • The hat is designed with a curved brim that adds a touch of sporty and laid-back style.
  • The brim provides shade and protection from the sun while maintaining a casual aesthetic.


  • Many 6-panel trucker mesh hats feature an adjustable snapback closure. This allows for a customized and secure fit, accommodating various head sizes.


  • Suitable for various occasions, from outdoor activities like hiking and camping to casual everyday wear.
  • Popular among individuals of all ages and styles, making it a versatile accessory.


  • Often used for customization with logos, graphics, or branding. This makes it a popular choice for promotional purposes, events, and merchandise.

Fashion Statement:

  • The 6-panel trucker mesh hat has become a fashionable accessory, appreciated for its contemporary design and comfort.
  • Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials to suit individual preferences and style choices.

Whether you're looking for a practical hat for outdoor activities or a trendy accessory to complement your style, the 5-panel trucker mesh hat offers a blend of functionality and fashion.